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Malath International

We provide appropriate solutions to today’s challenges, promote innovative and sustainable ideas for the biggest challenges facing our customers and society, work to achieve development goals and vision, contribute to the preservation and development of human and financial resources in the world, and provide unique and attractive services and products, in order to help our customers achieve their ambitions and build Better

At Malath International, we offer many services and products that support our customers to contribute effectively and directly to the development and advancement of our society
Malath International realizes that its success is linked to the success of its customers, and we work hard to have a deep understanding of the aspirations of our customers so that we can engineer the right product or service at the right time
In developing our clients’ business and adding to them an advantage in the market in the long run
Malath International provides a wide range of products and services, Malath International has a huge base in public relations and a large knowledge base about the needs of our customers, Malath International always seeks to find new ways, materials and services to maximize the success of our customers around the world
Since the establishment of Malath International as a group of individual institutions consisting of 10 institutions in 2010 AD corresponding to 1432 AH, before its transformation into a limited liability company in the year 2021 AD corresponding to 1442 AH, it has demonstrated a unique exceptional ability to accomplish what others were unable to do in a record time
Malath is one of the most important international leading companies in several fields
It is a limited liability company with its headquarters in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Malath International continues to enhance its rapid growth and global presence, and its ambitious expansion plans have succeeded in developing an effective infrastructure for its business, allowing Responding effectively to the needs of customers, whether establishments or individuals, in global, regional and local markets, Malath International offers its products and services all over the world
The company’s growth was going through many stages, an expansion in the provision of services and products around the world, as it now includes a group of clients in more than 21 countries around the world, and it has a group of talented and creative employees
The Board of Directors of Malath International Company is chaired by His Excellency Mr. Abdulrahman A. Al-Megren, Chairman of the Board, and the Board of Directors includes a number of members, including the Vice President, the Executive Director, the Managing Directors and the Managing Director, and more than eight consultants specialized in various fields, and the company is directly supervised by the Board of Directors
The company’s organizational structure
The administrative structure of Malath International consists of several strategic business units that provide all means of support to customers, by identifying and developing opportunities in global, regional and local markets, developing knowledge and facilitating the work of enterprises and individuals
Malath International is always looking to the future, so it pays great attention to investing in technology and innovation
From vision to values, long-term relationships based on constructive cooperation, and our endeavors to enhance cooperation lead us towards achieving a more distinguished position in all areas of our business, we build relationships aimed at understanding the challenges facing customers and their requirements, big or small, we realize what is most important, and we provide the answers Cost-effective, quality, and time-effective solutions
Our performance standards
God willing, we will achieve the maximum possible productivity of our human resources and talents, through innovation, education, training and the use of the latest technologies, and this concern is the best expression of our performance standards
Our principles
At Malath International, we focus on achieving a major goal, which is to develop and facilitate the work, procedures and services of our clients
We affirm our commitment to principles, regulations and laws
We focus on achieving the priorities of our customers
We expand our performance levels, so we do more with less
We collaborate to create smarter, more efficient, and better-performing products and services
We care about achievement while ensuring long-term reliability
We create new opportunities to help our customers and our community thrive and progress
We build valuable relationships based on trust with all relevant parties, so that we can grow and succeed together
the quality
Malath International enjoys a good reputation in the field of quality and providing distinguished products and services to its customers. Since its establishment in 2010 AD corresponding to 1432 AH, its commitment to quality has grown in conjunction with expansion and diversity, and we always embody our commitment to maintaining quality in all that we offer
To enhance the levels of quality in accordance with modern global trends, Malath International has been keen from the beginning to cooperate with the most prominent local and regional global partners, and to work with them on joint projects, to benefit from their diverse expertise, and to transfer their latest technologies and expertise, and this strategic direction; Malath International has enabled the construction of a high edifice of knowledge and relationships, which has resulted in a wide variety of products and services, and Malath International is interested in achieving, implementing and adopting the highest international quality standards and modern technologies in all its services, products and transactions
Our Partnerships
Malath International cooperates with many leading organizations and facilities and with a group of experienced, qualified and international names in multiple and diverse fields, to be aware of the latest developments and developments, and we can this constructive cooperation to exceed many of our competitors with our products and services, and to anticipate the immediate needs of our customers, and also contributes to work In efficient and cost-effective ways, time and effort, and with our cooperation, we are able to lay the foundation for unique and distinctive future opportunities, services and products.
Which makes us always, praise be to God, the added value to all parties and individuals dealing with us, not only, but also for their customers, and for our society as well
our pledge
Malath International is committed to being at the top of the pyramid of the most innovative organizations in the world, innovation is the drive of every work we do, for us, innovation is transforming ideas into real, realistic solutions, and this is one of the most important factors that add to us a competitive advantage and added value, allowing all Those dealing with us, whether establishments or individuals, to improve the quality and sustainability of their products, services, and businesses

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