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Specialized administrative, financial and technical consultancy sector

Malath International provides scientific and practical consultations to achieve the desired results and goals by our clients by identifying the most important administrative and financial problems. Working to solve them through complete applied scientific solutions provided by a distinguished team of senior consultants and experts in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World in all areas of management consultancy and strategic management . Human resources management, accounting, financial management, production and operations management, procurement and warehouse management, marketing and sales management, foreign trade, and all that customers need in departments and other disciplines

Methodology in Preparing and Implementing Consulting Studies

The consultancy sector in Malath International diagnoses specialized administrative, financial and technical problems and works to solve them, by developing existing systems or designing modern systems with the aim of bringing about real positive change. Enabling the organization to achieve its goals through the application of practical systems that are designed to suit the conditions of the facility and its internal capabilities and environmental conditions. Malath follows an applied scientific approach that consists of three main stages for the preparation of studies and advisory services, in order to ensure that work problems are resolved, systems are developed and the client’s future goals are achieved according to the following

Implementation Phase

We believe that consulting studies have no value except when implemented. Therefore, the correct application is the secret of the success of any system development or business development plan. For this reason, we always accompany our clients during the implementation phase and work with them as if we were internal employees, and that to compensate for the lack of experience, time and ability, through the Malath International team of experts applying supervision programs for the implementation and application of consulting studies on the systems inside the client's facility

Development and test solutions

At this stage, we support the client and help him develop realistic and practical work plans in order to solve the identified problems and seize the available opportunities. Thus, we reach the highest level of consistency and harmony in performance between all levels

Diagnosis and analysis stage

At this stage, we help our clients identify their real problems or opportunities available to them, and here we use a set of advanced tools to analyze processes and procedures in order to reach the true roots of client problems and determine the best available means to deal with these problems. Even in the case of clients who do not suffer from problems, they certainly have opportunities for growth and development, and this step is necessary in order to identify these opportunities and identify the best ways to seize them

The Importance of Consulting Services for the Enterprise Development

Consulting is important for all establishments to gain the ability to take advantage of opportunities and to face sudden changes and continuous turmoil in the business environment. As a result of rapid and successive changes in economical, political, technological and social factors worldwide and the emergence of new breakthrough innovations to increase competitiveness and change consumer preferences and expectations. Turbulent and unpredictable, the business environment became more turbulent than before, the speed of change increased to a large extent, shocks rolled in faster than before, and the occurrence of turbulence and unexpected rapid changes became the new normal

These challenges made the decision-makers in the establishments rethink everything from the administrative approaches used, strategies, structures and business models to the processes, administrative systems, capabilities and competencies, and the search for new administrative approaches that provide the organization with the ability to make continuous rapid change of all elements and resources of the organization to face unexpected changes. The business environment, especially with the increasing speed of changes in the environment and the inability of organizations to respond quickly to these changes, which affects their survival and growth in the business environment

It should not be forgotten that the successful management also does not wait until the problem occurs, but rather usually reconsiders its own systems and make organizational change and development in order to keep track of changes that occur in the conditions surrounding the work, whether internally or externally. To pursue the development and expansion of the company’s activities and business in the future and thus ensure the success and stability of the new systems and the absence of the emergence and increase of problems

We based on our mission, which is “Reaching the client to the top of the performance”, one of the most important steps of cooperation with our clients’ organizations to help them reach the top of the performance is to ensure the availability of all the elements of the integrated institutional building in the organization in accordance with contemporary administrative approaches and the development of work systems and procedures that work. The organizational development procedure is continuous that works on giving the organization the ability to quickly respond immediately and have sufficient flexibility to exploit opportunities and face new unexpected challenges in the business environment resulting from continuous sudden changes and turmoil, which enables business organizers to continuously reset the facility’s strategic direction, and develop innovative ways to create value, which achieves. The internal stability of the organization helps achieve future goals according to the vision of the members of the board of directors and the owners of the company and supports the competitive company of the organization in front of local companies and international companies