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Technologies and Software Services

Certified Accounting Software Design and Management of Websites and E-stores

With Malath International Company, the era of digital transformation and its tools is in your hands, a set of leading services in the field of facility planning management that help growth and development and make you soar high in the field of cloud computing. Malath is an authorized distributor of DAFATER, providing an approved service with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority Planning and monitoring the performance of your facility financially and administratively become easier with the books application package ERP cloud

No matter how many your branches and your companies can share a single administrative staff, no matter how the numerous and varied commercial opponent you can link them back to your office. Whatever your own administrative your actions do not apply unless you can design models and control operate and monitor its entire progress from one platform, one account and one operational invoice at a very reasonable cost

Online Stores and Platforms

Introductory Websites

Financial Management Programs